Outdoor Kitchen

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Out Door Kitchen with Fire Place Maranatha Landscape Bakersfield CA

Out Door Kitchen with Fire Place

It’s not your father’s outdoor grill design anymore. From classic built-in outdoor grills to dream island units jam-packed with amenities such as wine coolers, pizza ovens and lobster boilers, the sky is the limit with today’s outdoor kitchen designs. many owners of upscale homes are including an outdoor kitchen in their backyard renovation plans. In the process, homeowners are creating an outdoor great room with areas for relaxation, entertainment, recreation, cooking and dining. Outdoor kitchen designs add functionality and value to your outdoor living space. Much more then just a cooking grill, outdoor kitchen designs can offer most of the conveniences and appliances that are found in an indoor kitchen.

Our landscape design and landscape installer team can create unique outdoor kitchen designs that add value and functionality to your outdoor living space.